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91132 Molecular Biology

6cp; 4hpw
Requisite(s): 91161 Cell Biology and Genetics
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This subject provides an introduction to the basics of molecular biology and an understanding of the key concepts underlying the experimental techniques of DNA manipulations in a molecular biology laboratory. The key techniques and the science behind the methodology are introduced, which enables the student to embrace a wide learning curve of elements within the subject. The student is encouraged and challenged to understand ideas and concepts, evaluate and analyse data and information, and apply these skills to critique current molecular biology projects in the assessment task.

Topics covered include: DNA and RNA isolation, restriction enzymes, DNA ligation, cloning strategies; southern, northern and western blotting; and an introduction to DNA sequencing and PCR. Emphasis is also placed on the use of databases to retrieve and analyse nucleic acid and protein sequences. This subject encourages students to become adept at the techniques required for molecular analysis in a modern scientific laboratory, and provides a foundation for more advanced molecular biology study, as well as the skills and knowledge for future potential positions in industry, such as pharmaceutical and commercial, research and development, and gene technology and engineering companies.

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Spring session, City campus

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