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91145 Environmental Protection and Management

6cp; 5hpw
Requisite(s): 91154c Ecology
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Human use of the Earth's natural environment has an undeniable impact on ecosystems and biodiversity, and shapes society through its effects on incomes and livelihood, human health, global climate, and recreation and culture. Environmental protection and management practices apply scientific principles to plan for, and mitigate the effects of, human activity on the environment to ensure provision of ecosystem goods and services into the future.

This subject applies the student's knowledge of ecological science to a range of challenging topics, focusing on human use of the environment. The student reviews challenging environmental issues, is introduced to approaches in environmental protection and management, investigates the role and contribution of science to environmental decision making, and explores the development of solutions to environmental issues. The subject is taught by lectures, seminars and workshops, developed especially to prepare those wishing to enter environmental science as a profession with essential skill development opportunities. The lectures and workshops are highly interactive, using discussion groups, groupwork, writing tasks and peer-to-peer presentations to explore topics. Seminars feature industry and academic experts in the field of environmental management who speak on a range of contemporary environmental issues.

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Autumn session, City campus

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