University of Technology Sydney

91157 Marine Communities

6cp; 20hrs (approx.) (lectures and workshops), on campus, plus 3-day excursion
Requisite(s): 91154 Ecology
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Australia is directly responsible for more than 16 million square kilometres of ocean, which contributes in excess of $50 billion to our economy each year. Sustainable management of our coastal and oceanic resources can only come through understanding of the ecology of these systems. In this subject students develop an understanding of the processes that structure marine communities. Problem-based learning techniques are used to elucidate interactions between the animals and plants in marine communities. Special attention is paid to local rocky reef, soft-sediment and pelagic (open water) communities. This subject integrates lectures, collaborative learning, group discussions and fieldwork, complementing other subjects which focus on fish, coral reef ecosystems, marine primary producers and marine geosciences. Experimental work is conducted in the field during a three-day excursion to Pearl Beach. Due to this excursion, numbers are limited and preference is given to second-year marine biology students.

Typical availability

Spring session, City campus


91157 runs every year (2nd year).

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