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91121 Aquatic Ecosystems

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Requisite(s): 91154c Ecology
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This subject gives students a comprehensive understanding of the ecology of aquatic ecosystems (freshwater and marine). It provides students with knowledge of the physical, chemical and biological processes and their interactions that occur in freshwater, marine and estuarine systems. It also introduces students to the effects of anthropogenic impacts of in-stream and catchment activities on the integrity of these ecosystems, and how these influence approaches to managing water resources. Students develop an appreciation of the importance of understanding the ecology of these systems as it underpins the ability to manage these resources for the benefit of the biota and humanity. Students study the rich and varied patterns of biodiversity and physical features among these habitats, and the importance of maintaining their integrity in the face of anthropogenic impacts. Understanding ecosystem integrity requires an understanding of the structure and function of the ecosystems. The subject develops the student's ability to research issues related to the independent written report component of the subject, to discuss the implications of their results in the broader context of the ecology and management of aquatic ecosystems.

This subject applies the knowledge gained in 91110 Experimental Design and Sampling in the practical activities which are project-based. It also provides the knowledge and skills required for the 91155 Stream and Lake Assessment.

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Autumn session, City campus

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