University of Technology Sydney

CBK91237 Electives (Landscape)

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
11378  Advanced Parametric Modelling 6cp 
11341  Advanced Technology for Landscape Architecture 6cp 
11301  Architectural Special Project (Global B) 6cp 
11512  Architecture Competition Project 6cp 
11322  Architecture Special Project UG (Global) 6cp 
11361  Before and After Air Conditioning 6cp 
11364  Building Anatomies 6cp 
11339  Climate Resilience 6cp 
11344  Computational Design for Decarbonisation 6cp 
88617  Design Study Tour 6cp 
11401  Digital Master Class A 6cp 
11366  Elective Heritage 6cp 
86160  Environments Gender/Place/Drawing 6cp 
88323  Exhibition Design 6cp 
11340  Expanded Architecture in the Urban Environment 6cp 
11291  Freehand Drawing 6cp 
88623  Global Studio: Interior Architecture C 6cp 
11329  Infrastructural Ecologies 6cp 
11148  Landscape Architecture Global Studio B 6cp 
11149  Landscape Architecture Global Studio C 6cp 
11297  Landscape Narratives 6cp 
11520  Making Space for Advocacy 6cp 
11526  Masters Special Project 3A 6cp 
11527  Masters Special Project 4A 6cp 
11528  Masters Special Project 5A 6cp 
11529  Masters Special Project 6A 6cp 
11308  Reading and Writing Architectural Criticism 6cp 
11363  Special Project (Communications) 6cp 
11374  Special Project (Design 2) 6cp 
11375  Special Project (Design Build) 6cp 
11370  Special Project (Environmental Studies) 6cp 
11376  Special Project (Live Project 1) 6cp 
11365  Special Project (Offshore) 6cp 
11377  Special Project (Sustainability) 6cp 
11362  Special Project (Technology) 6cp 
11345  Starting with Country 6cp 
11330  Territorial Mappings 6cp 
11283  The Social Photo and Designed Landscapes 6cp 
11371  Writing Matters 6cp 
Total  24cp