University of Technology Sydney

CBK91196 Electives (PG Finance)

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
25782  Alternative Investments 6cp 
25894  Alternative Investments: Direct Investments 3cp 
25895  Alternative Investments: Indirect Investments 3cp 
25729  Applied Equity Portfolio Management 6cp 
25752  Bank Lending and Analytics 6cp 
25770  Behavioural Finance 6cp 
25892  Behavioural Finance: Heuristics and Biases 3cp 
25893  Behavioural Finance: Prospect Theory 3cp 
25765  Corporate Finance 6cp 
25762  Derivatives and Risk Management 6cp 
25891  FinTech in Banking 3cp 
25733  Finance for Entrepreneurs 6cp 
25751  Financial Institution Management 6cp 
25896  Financing Startups 3cp 
25728  Fixed Income Analysis 6cp 
25890  Foundations in Banking 3cp 
25796  Personal Wealth Management 6cp 
25775  Superannuation and Financial Planning 6cp 
25898  Sustainability and ESG Investing 3cp 
25899  Sustainable Finance 3cp 
25847  Sustainable Finance 6cp 
25897  Valuing Startups 3cp 
Total  24cp