University of Technology Sydney

STM91426 Core Subjects (Fashion and Textiles)

83119  Thinking Fashion  6cp
83621  Studio: Foundations in Patternmaking and Construction 1  6cp
83622  Studio: Fashion Illustration Fundamentals 1  6cp
83231  Fashion Cultures  6cp
83882  Foundations in Patternmaking and Construction 2  6cp
83233  Fashion Illustration Fundamentals 2  6cp
83724  Studio: Bespoke Fashion  6cp
83341  Fashion, Gender and Identity  6cp
83721  Studio: Fashion Illustration Exploration  6cp
83722  Studio: Body Mapping  6cp
83723  Textile Lab: New Technologies  6cp
83821  Studio: Men's Collection  12cp
83822  Studio: Women's Collection  12cp
83823  Fashion and Textiles Professional Practice  6cp
88004  Textiles: Print  6cp
88834  Experimental Fashion Making  6cp
Total  108cp