University of Technology Sydney

CBK92283 Elective choice (International Relations)

Select 6 credit points of options:  6cp
220800  Accounting for Decision Makers 6cp 
570101  Branding in the Digital World 6cp 
420102  Building Enterprise Agility 6cp 
570100  Data Ethics and Regulation 6cp 
260777  Data Processing Using SAS 3cp 
320146  Data Visualisation and Visual Analytics 6cp 
320606  Database 6cp 
420103  Digital Strategy: Aligning Business and Technology 6cp 
570006  Driving Stakeholder Engagement 6cp 
570005  Emergent Communication Practices 6cp 
320557  Enabling Enterprise Information Systems 6cp 
260776  Foundation of Business Analytics 3cp 
090015  Global Health Systems 3cp 
090016  Health Promotion 6cp 
69370  Innovations in Energy 6cp 
420100  Leading Organisational Change 6cp 
210880  Leading People and Change 6cp 
230709  Managerial Economics 6cp 
96340  Managing for Value-Based Care 6cp 
240834  Marketing in the Age of Technology 6cp 
96336  Organisational Management in Health Care 6cp 
570008  Organisational Storytelling and Engagement 6cp 
090019  Planetary Health 3cp 
69367  Science and Big Data 6cp 
69371  Science of Climate Change for Leaders 6cp 
69363  Shaping Policies for the Future 6cp 
090020  Social Perspectives in Public Health 6cp 
69369  Sustainability Practices in Industry 6cp 
420101  Technology and Innovation Management 6cp 
96342  Using Health Care Data for Decision Making 6cp 
Total  6cp