University of Technology Sydney

CBK92010 Second Major/Two Sub-majors/Sub-major + 24cp Electives/48cp Electives

Students undertaking two majors within the Bachelor of Management will have the option to substitute an alternative subject in their second major in place of the WIL Option (26600 Business Internship or 21699 Diversity Management) with either 21510 Introduction to Strategy or 21514 Introduction to International Business.

Completion requirements

Select 48 credit points of options:  48cp
CBK91014  Electives 24cp 
SMJ10097  Creative Intelligence and Innovation 24cp 
SMJ10096  Entrepreneurship and Innovation 24cp 
CBK90171  Electives 24cp 
MAJ08980  Digital Creative Enterprise 48cp 
SMJ08223  Digital Creative Enterprise 24cp 
MAJ08975  Events 48cp 
SMJ08220  Events 24cp 
SMJ08128  Human Resource Management 24cp 
MAJ08976  Sport Business 48cp 
SMJ08221  Sports 24cp 
Total  48cp