University of Technology Sydney

MAJ08980 Digital Creative Enterprise

The Digital Creative Enterprise major prepares students to work in digital industries across creative and non-creative sectors as specialist and embedded creative professionals. The major requires students to undertake cross-faculty, transdisciplinary studies through Creative Intelligence and Innovation subjects that emphasise versatility, agility and collaboration.

The Creative Intelligence and Innovation subjects are undertaken in accelerated form within July and Summer sessions.

Students enrolled in the combined Bachelor of Management Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation (C10355) cannot choose this major.

Completion requirements

21662  Creative Industries in the Collaborative Economy  6cp
21664  Managing Risk and Opportunity  6cp
21651  Professional Internship  6cp
21663  Digital Strategy and Governance (Capstone)  6cp
81539  Impossibilities to Possibilities  8cp
94663  Navigating Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Initiating Change  8cp
Select 8 credit points of options:  8cp
81538  Frame Innovation 8cp 
81540  Technology, Methods and Creative Practice 8cp 
Total  48cp