University of Technology Sydney

SMJ10097 Creative Intelligence and Innovation

This sub-major is designed for people who like to tackle wicked problems and beautiful questions. After learning how to creatively approach seemingly impossible problems, the next subjects provide creative methods with which to intelligently focus on ways towards a sustainable future.

The sub-major is available to all enrolled UTS undergraduate students, except for existing students in the Diploma in Innovation, Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation and Bachelor of Technology Innovation programs.

Completion requirements

81539  Impossibilities to Possibilities  8cp
Select one of the following:  
94672  Creative Methods and Entrepreneurial Initiatives 8cp 
81538  Frame Innovation 8cp 
81540  Technology, Methods and Creative Practice 8cp 
Select one of the following:  
94665  Complexity and Sustainability 8cp 
94679  Complexity and Sustainable Futures 8cp 
94657  Futures Thinking: Making Futures 8cp 
Total  24cp