University of Technology Sydney

MAJ08975 Events

Students in the events major benefit from the close relationships UTS has developed with industry, which allow us to deliver relevant, applied, and high quality event management education. Students develop a solid understanding of the sequential steps associated with the design, development, planning, promoting and implementing of innovative events, as well as the political, economic and social contexts in which events take place. The events major provides students with the knowledge and professional skills necessary to embark on a career in the events industry.

Completion requirements

21637  Event and Entertainment Contexts  6cp
21639  Event Impacts and Legacies  6cp
21640  Event Management  6cp
21650  Positioning and Promoting Events  6cp
21653  Servicescape and Venue: design, operations and management  6cp
21641  Event Sponsorship and Revenue  6cp
21638  Event Creation Lab (Capstone)  6cp
21651  Professional Internship  6cp
Total  48cp