University of Technology Sydney

Postgraduate courses

Research degrees

Doctor of Philosophy
C03026Master of Science (Research) in Mathematical Sciences
C03029Master of Science (Research)

Coursework degrees

C04241Master of Science
C04265Master of Science (Extension)
C04267Master of Philosophy in Science
C04373Master of Quantitative Finance
C04388Master of Medical Biotechnology (Extension)
C04389Master of Philosophy in Medical Biotechnology
C04390Master of Medical Biotechnology
C04391Master of Forensic Science
C04392Master of Forensic Science (Extension)
C04393Master of Philosophy in Forensic Science
C04418Master of Data Science in Quantitative Finance
C04419Master of Mathematics and Quantitative Finance
C04448Master of Science Master of Business Administration
C06143Graduate Diploma in Medical Laboratory Science
C07123Graduate Diploma in Science
C07132Graduate Diploma in Quantitative Finance
C07136Graduate Diploma in Medical Biotechnology
C07137Graduate Diploma in Forensic Science
C11210Graduate Certificate in Mathematics
C11216Graduate Certificate in Science
C11285Graduate Certificate in Medical Biotechnology
C11287Graduate Certificate in Forensic Science
C11307Graduate Certificate in Data Science in Quantitative Finance
C11308Graduate Certificate in Quantitative Finance
C11342Graduate Certificate in Medical Laboratory Science

Online Coursework degrees

C04451Master of Medical Science Leadership
C04452Master of Sustainable Leadership
C04453Master of Sustainable Energy
C11363Graduate Certificate in Public Engagement in Medical Science
C11364Graduate Certificate in Medical Science Innovation
C11366Graduate Certificate in Science Leadership
C11368Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Energy Technologies
C11369Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Practice
C11370Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Leadership