University of Technology Sydney

STM91427 Core Subjects (Visual Communication)

87631  VC Design Studio: The Politics of Image and Text  12cp
87100  VC Design Theory: Critical Approaches to Visual Culture  6cp
87632  VC Design Studio: The Ethics of Image and Text  12cp
87222  VC Design Project: Symbols, Systems and Visual Play  6cp
87731  VC Design Studio: Narrative, Form and Time  12cp
87441  VC Project: Contexts of Visual Communication  6cp
87443  VC Project: Typography in Context  6cp
87009  VC Design Studio: Visualising Experience  12cp
87012  VC Project: Research Through Design  6cp
87010  VC Design Studio: Socially Responsive Design  12cp
87011  VC Project: Visual Communication and Emergent Practices  6cp
87832  VC Design Studio: Design Practice  12cp
Total  108cp