University of Technology Sydney

87731 VC Design Studio: Narrative, Form and Time

12cp; 2 x 2.5hpw (studio or computer lab tutorial), 1hr (occasional lecture)
Requisite(s): 87632 VC Design Studio: The Ethics of Image and Text AND 87222 VC Design Project: Symbols, Systems and Visual Play


This practice-based subject aims to build upon the skills and knowledge acquired in the first year, focusing on the creation of time-based outcomes. Students enhance their image-making abilities, delving into graphic narratives, motion design, and video design while incorporating contemporary design practices.

Image-Making Skills: Students continue to refine their image-making skills and learn to design for visual narratives, motion design, and video design.

Iterative Process: The curriculum guides students through the iterative steps involved in creating finished outcomes, from conceptualisation and pre-production to production and the final product.

Feedback and Critiques: Students engage in individual and peer feedback sessions and critiques, facilitating the development of analytical and participatory skills. The application of feedback on their work is emphasised.

Visual Language: While exploring visual form over time, the subject emphasises the development of an original visual language and the exploration of the relationship between images and text.

Technical Skills: Students develop technical skills through the use of various tools such as software, cameras, lighting, and audio equipment. Studio-based exercises, with guidance from studio leaders, support this technical skill development.

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