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87731 VC Design Studio: Narrative, Form and Time

12cp; Attendance is in the form of 2 x 3hpw studio or computer lab tutorials and a 1.5hr occaisonal lecture.
Requisite(s): 87632 VC Design Studio: Text and Image 2 AND 87222 VC Project: Symbols and Systems


This subject further develops students' skills and knowledge in making and analysing hand and media-generated images, expanding their possibilities beyond the static to time-based media. Students actively build image-making skills in the context of visual narratives, moving image design and interactive design, reflecting the social and cultural dimensions of contemporary professional practice in a global setting.

While the primary focus of this subject is experimentation and investigations of visual form that occurs over time, an emphasis on the relationship between images and text remains, with a strong focus on producing formal outcomes.

Students continue to develop their analytic skills, critically reflecting on the development of their work and its context. The lectures explore the historical and technical developments and contemporary uses of sequential art, moving image design and interactive media in the context of visual communication design.

Students engage in practical activities and collaborative peer group feedback sessions, with assistance by studio leaders. In addition to the subject outline, students are given briefing documents for each of the three individual projects and their assessable items.

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