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87631 VC Design Studio: The Politics of Image and Text

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This intensive studio subject introduces the core formal and theoretical foundations of visual communication design. A series of studio-based briefs explore the fundamentals of image, text and their interrelationship in professional design practice. In response to these briefs and through secondary and primary research, students develop understandings of form, colour, composition, typography, hierarchy, juxtaposition and sequencing through the practical application of hand and computer skills. These skills are developed alongside an understanding of the dynamic communicative role that image and text play in contemporary visual communication practice.

The lectures introduce key theoretical understandings of visual communication grounding those in the project briefs as well as in the larger conceptual framework of practice and visual culture in a contemporary intercultural, global setting. The subject provides practical activities in which students can take ownership of ideas encountered in preparatory reading, research and the lectures, develop skills as a design practitioner with assistance from studio leaders, and collaborate in peer group feedback sessions.

In addition to the subject outline, students are given briefing documents for each of the seven individual projects and their groupings into assessable items. These documents describe how they form the basis of the two portfolio review assessments for the subject.

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