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87222 VC Design Project: Symbols, Systems and Visual Play

6cp; MINIMUM 9 hour per week :1 hr lecture, 2 hr studio, 6–8hrs outside of class.
Requisite(s): 87100 VC Design Theory: Critical Approaches to Visual Culture
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This subject gives students the opportunity to synthesise and apply the foundational principles of visual communication design through sustained projects. A series of lectures and studio tasks assist conceptual development, with an emphasis on the relationship between word and image to communicate. Weekly tasks guide students through the iterative design process: starting with research, conceptual development, roughs to comprehensive visuals, and finally, refined outcomes.

Topics covered in the lecture series include: form and materiality as communication strategies; constraints; graphic wit; series design; sequencing; and, visual metaphor. How to be an active member in critiques, and how to give and receive critique is also part of tutorial tasks.

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Spring session, City campus

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