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87632 VC Design Studio: The Ethics of Image and Text

12cp; 2 x 2.5hpw x 12 wks (studio), 1hpw x 12 wks (lecture), on campus
Requisite(s): 87631 VC Design Studio: The Politics of Image and Text
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In today’s complex information rich environment, image and text are persuasive in shaping the critical tools for democracy. This subject examines the ethical dilemmas emerging from the power and proliferation of images and text in the world. Through a series of studio-based briefs students develop ethical approaches to design practice. This is undertaken from two key perspectives: how do designers address ethical issues? And, how do designers approach design from an ethical standpoint? Students learn how the aesthetic formation of image and text function as ethical tools. Students continue to develop skills in using image and text as a form of visual communication by building on the formal and technical skills acquired.

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