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87632 VC Design Studio: Text and Image 2

12cp; 1hpw (lecture), 1hpw (lecture series), 4hpw (2 x studio tutorials), 2hpw (computer lab)
Requisite(s): 87631 VC Design Studio: Text and Image 1
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This subject builds on ideas introduced in 87631 VC Design Studio: Text and Image 1, offering opportunities for students to explore more complex briefs typical of professional design practice through experimentation. Students integrate practical investigations in typography and image-making with the theoretical and conceptual frameworks presented in lectures and studio, extending those presented in Text and Image 1. Students critically assess the significance of developments in their work through the process of building a portfolio.

The lecture series continues to provide an overview of design development in a contemporary intercultural, global setting. The historical, cultural, social and economic contexts of visual communication design are explored and form the framework in which students' own emerging practice can be understood. The capstone project aims to solidify students’ knowledge in typography as a complex, ambitious, technical and conceptually demanding component of visual communication design practice.

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