University of Technology Sydney

MAJ03538 Engineering and Technology Studies

60101  Chemistry and Materials Science  6cp
48610  Introduction to Mechanical Engineering  6cp
48510  Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Engineering  6cp
48310  Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering  6cp
41099  Introduction to Mechatronics Engineering  6cp
35007  Real Analysis  6cp
37233  Linear Algebra  6cp
41039  Programming 1  6cp
48024  Programming 2  6cp
31271  Database Fundamentals  6cp
48433  Software Architecture  6cp
31251  Data Structures and Algorithms  6cp
31264  Computer Graphics  6cp
Select 6 credit points of options:  6cp
41054  Applied Mechanics and Design A 6cp 
31080  Interactive Media 6cp 
41040  Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 6cp 
31263  Introduction to Computer Game Development 6cp 
31250  Introduction to Data Analytics 6cp 
41082  Introduction to Data Engineering 6cp 
41053  Materials and Manufacturing Engineering A 6cp 
Total  84cp