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41040 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

6cp; 3hpw, on campus. Forms of attendance and mode of delivery in this subject have changed to enable social distancing and reduce the risks of spreading COVID-19 in our community.
Requisite(s): 48023 Programming Fundamentals OR 41039 Programming 1
Recommended studies:

Some experience with an integrated development environment such as Anaconda with Python would be an advantage.



This subject helps students develop good understanding of concepts and fundamental algorithm ideas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in some areas: machine learning, computational intelligence, computer vision, knowledge representation and modelling (expert system), natural language processing, reasoning, and robotics. Through a series of workshops and hand-on laboratory experiments designated for specific AI technologies in the targeted areas, respectively, students develop competence in applying AI techniques for given tasks and ability to make good judgement on model/algorithm selection.

Typical availability

Spring Session, City Campus

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