University of Technology Sydney

41054 Applied Mechanics and Design A

6cp; 2hpw online, 3hpw on campus, weekly
Requisite(s): 48610 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering AND 33130 Mathematics 1
Anti-requisite(s): 48620 Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering



The strength and stiffness of machine components are essential for safety and ensuring machines and structures meet minimum design life criteria. In this foundational subject, students gain fundamental knowledge and skills required to undertake basic design for strength and stiffness of mechanical systems, including: conducting external load analysis by drawing free body diagrams and applying principles of equilibrium; calculating internal actions (normal and shear forces, bending and torsional moments) by drawing free body diagrams and applying principles of equilibrium; selecting suitable materials and calculating appropriate sizes by applying principles of mechanics of materials, e.g. stress, strain, material properties, ductile yield; referring to relevant standards and codes to assess design safety; using understanding of the above theoretical methods to use computational tools such as simulation software to conduct virtual testing; and, conducting experimental testing to verify and validate theoretical/simulation results

Typical availability

Spring session, City campus

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