University of Technology Sydney

MAJ03001 Civil Engineering

48310  Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering  6cp
48321  Engineering Mechanics  6cp
60101  Chemistry and Materials Science  6cp
48331  Mechanics of Solids  6cp
48330  Soil Behaviour  6cp
48641  Fluid Mechanics  6cp
48340  Construction  6cp
48352  Construction Materials  6cp
48221  Engineering Computations  6cp
48320  Surveying  6cp
48362  Hydraulics and Hydrology  6cp
48360  Geotechnical Engineering  6cp
48349  Structural Analysis  6cp
48353  Concrete Design  6cp
41029  Engineering Research Preparation  6cp
41030  Engineering Capstone  6cp
Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
SMJ10162  Construction Sub-major 24cp 
CBK92124  Options (Civil Engineering) 24cp 
SMJ10163  Structures Sub-major 24cp 
Total  120cp