University of Technology Sydney

48641 Fluid Mechanics

6cp; 3.5-4 hpw, workshop/tutorial/laboratory and online activities. Weeks will vary.
Requisite(s): 33230 Mathematics 2
Recommended studies:

good background in physics, mechanics and applied mathematics



This subject aims to enable students to understand key concepts and fundamental principles, together with the assumptions made in their development, pertaining to fluid behaviour both in static and flowing conditions. Students also learn to deal effectively with practical engineering situations, including the analysis and design of engineering systems and devices involving fluids and flow. Furthermore, students consider possible applications and links to other disciplines, and engage in further specialised study or research. The subject also aims to enhance interests in fluid phenomena and applications. Topics include fluid properties, fluid statics and kinematics, conservation laws of mass, momentum and energy, differential analysis of fluid flow, dimensional analysis, flow in pipes including flow measurements and pipe network analysis, and external flow (lift and drag).

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus
Spring session, City campus

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Access conditions

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