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48352 Construction Materials

6cp; 2hpw, on campus. Forms of attendance and mode of delivery in this subject have changed to enable social distancing and reduce the risks of spreading COVID-19 in our community.
Requisite(s): ((60101 Chemistry and Materials Science OR 65111 Chemistry 1) AND 33230 Mathematical Modelling 2)

Fields of practice: Civil Engineering program



The most common materials used in civil engineering applications and construction are concrete and steel. In order to understand how these materials perform in service, civil engineers must have a basic understanding of them in relation to their engineering properties and application.

As part of the learning outcomes in this subject, students acquire fundamental knowledge of the engineering properties of construction materials and apply this knowledge to predict the behaviour of these materials in application. Students also interpret and apply Australian Standard test methods for the testing of these materials and understand the effects of the environment on the performance, properties and failure modes of them. By developing professional problem solving and design skills in this subject, students also acquire the ability to select the most appropriate material to meet prescriptive and performance-based requirements and be able to justify their choice of selection. Topics include:

1. construction materials and their application
2. binders and water for concrete production
3. aggregates and admixtures for concrete production
4. fresh and hardened properties of concrete
5. time dependent deformation and durability of concrete
6. mechanical behaviour of metals
7. properties of iron-carbon alloys and structural steels

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Autumn session, City campus
Spring session, City campus

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