University of Technology Sydney

48221 Engineering Computations

6cp; 4hpw (2hrs lecture; 2hrs computer laboratory), with online lectures (via Zoom) and face-to-face computer laboratories.
Requisite(s): 33130 Mathematics 1
Anti-requisite(s): 41044 Engineering Computations and Modelling
Recommended studies: 48321 Engineering Mechanics; 48331 Mechanics of Solids

Fields of practice: Civil and Environmental Engineering



This subject provides engineering students with the opportunity to acquire knowledge of numerical methods, programming and engineering software and to apply this knowledge in engineering problem solving.

Excel spreadsheeting and Matlab programming is required to solve numerical problems in this subject with no prior knowledge of programming being assumed. There are opportunities to apply acquired skills through the assessment of project-based problem solving in the civil and mechanical engineering disciplines. Examples are chosen from within a broader engineering context and serve to reinforce material covered in other subjects in civil and mechanical engineering.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus
Spring session, City campus

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