University of Technology Sydney

CBK91969 Advanced sub-major choice

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
SMJ10162  Construction Sub-major 24cp 
SMJ10157  Information Security 24cp 
CBK92250  No Specified sub-major 24cp 
SMJ10163  Structures Sub-major 24cp 
SMJ03060  Advanced Manufacturing 24cp 
SMJ03056  Advanced Manufacturing Systems 24cp 
SMJ03053  Advanced Mechanical Analysis 24cp 
SMJ03055  Automation 24cp 
SMJ03047  Biomedical Engineering 24cp 
SMJ10177  Civil Engineering (Flexible engineering) 24cp 
SMJ10172  Electrical Engineering 24cp 
SMJ10174  Geotechnical Engineering 24cp 
SMJ03058  Intelligent Systems 24cp 
SMJ03049  Mechanical Engineering 24cp 
SMJ03050  Mechatronic Engineering 24cp 
SMJ10171  Renewable Energy Engineering 24cp 
SMJ03052  Software Engineering 24cp 
SMJ10175  Transport Engineering 24cp 
SMJ10176  Water Resources Engineering 24cp 
Total  24cp