University of Technology Sydney

SMJ03060 Advanced Manufacturing

Select 18 credit points of options:  18cp
41302  Additive Manufacturing 1 6cp 
41118  Artificial Intelligence in Robotics 6cp 
41307  Collaborative Robotics Studio 6cp 
41309  Factory Modelling and Simulation 6cp 
41301  Industrial Engineering 6cp 
41305  Industrial IoT Studio 6cp 
41308  Machine Learning and Industrial Data Science 6cp 
41304  Production System Design 6cp 
Select 6 credit points of options:  6cp
49312  Advanced Flow Modelling 6cp 
41106  Collaborative Innovation for Industry 4.0 6cp 
49329  Control of Mechatronic Systems 6cp 
49928  Design Optimisation for Manufacturing 6cp 
41109  Human-machine Interfaces and Perception 6cp 
41107  Industrial Data Science Studio 6cp 
41108  Integrated Product Development for Industry 4.0 6cp 
49274  Space Robotics 6cp 
Total  24cp