University of Technology Sydney

SMJ10172 Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers deal with the design and application of electrical and electronic devices to solve problems in evolving electricity grid, renewable energy, automation, electric vehicles, transportation, buildings, etc., in our modern society. This sub-major (and its subject prerequisites) introduces students to the principles of how electrical energy systems work, as well as how to design both small-scale systems to process information and automate processes and large-scale systems to convert, store, transmit and distribute electrical energy. Students are exposed to both theory and hands-on practice through different teaching and learning modes such as studio teaching.

For most streams, required study includes as a minimum 48510 Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 48520 Electronics and Circuits, 48521 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and 48530 Circuit Analysis and Design. Each stream has additional subject requirements dependent on the stream.

Completion requirements

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
STM91306  Control Studios stream 12cp 
STM91309  Embedded Systems stream 12cp 
STM91308  Power Systems Studios stream 12cp 
STM91307  Renewable Energy Systems Studios stream 12cp 
STM91718  Electrical Drives stream 12cp 
CBK92151  Electrical Engineering options 12cp 
Total  24cp