University of Technology Sydney

CBK91849 Configurable Choice 1

The Configurable sub majors offer students the flexibility to tailor their course with curriculum choices to meet their skill and knowledge needs and planned learning outcomes. The choice of subjects is not limited to the following lists. Curriculum may be chosen from subjects across the university, subject to meeting access and academic requisites. Students are supported in their planning by academic and career advisors.

Completion requirements

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
42064  Accelerating STEM Teaching with Stage 6 Engineering Studies 2cp 
42822  Advanced Data Analytics 2cp 
42896  Advanced Data Analytics for Cybersecurity 2cp 
42097  Advanced Data Visualisation 2cp 
42894  Advanced Machine Learning 2cp 
80113  Advanced Virtual Reality for Architectural Design 3cp 
42823  Applied Data Analytics 2cp 
42899  Applied Data Analytics for Cybersecurity 2cp 
42098  Applied Data Visualisation 2cp 
42892  Applied Machine Learning 2cp 
80114  Architectural Lighting Design 3cp 
42218  Basic Programming and Use of Collaborative Robots 2cp 
42821  Data Analytics Foundations 2cp 
42897  Data Analytics for Cybersecurity Foundations 2cp 
42893  Data Engineering Foundations 2cp 
42895  Data Literacy 1cp 
68028  Data Literacy: Data Informed Decision Making 2cp 
68030  Data Literacy: Data and Disagreements 2cp 
68027  Data Literacy: Telling Data Stories 2cp 
68029  Data Literacy: Using Data to Understand People and Customers 2cp 
42096  Data Visualisation Foundations 2cp 
42824  Environmental Noise and Planning 3cp 
42701  Global Issues Studio 6cp 
42703  Human-centred Design and Systems Studio 6cp 
42702  Innovation and Entrepreneurship Studio 6cp 
42828  Introduction to Agent Based Modelling 3cp 
42826  Introduction to Complex Systems Modelling 3cp 
42827  Introduction to Participatory Modelling 3cp 
42825  Inventive Problem-Solving with TRIZ 3cp 
42820  Machine Learning Foundations 2cp 
80116  Open-source GIS for Landscape and Architecture Offices 3cp 
42040  Prototyping Design and Systems Studio 6cp 
80117  Real-time Visualisation for Architectural Design 3cp 
80118  Robotic 3D Printing for Architectural and Structural Performance 3cp 
37013  Understanding Data: Linear Regression Models for Interpretation and Prediction 2cp 
37012  Understanding Data: Making Population Statements with Samples 2cp 
37014  Understanding Data: Statistical Models for Binary Outcomes 2cp 
Total  24cp