University of Technology Sydney

42040 Prototyping Design and Systems Studio

6cp; 3hpw, workshop, on campus
Requisite(s): 42700c Professional Learning Studio OR 42030c Technology Disruptors Studio
The lower case 'c' after the subject code indicates that the subject is a corequisite. See definitions for details.
Anti-requisite(s): 42703 Human-centred Design and Systems Studio


The subject introduces different approaches to prototyping, drawing on problems identified from professional settings. Students practise ways of approaching complex problems in the global workplace.

Through exploration and integration of product design and system thinking approaches, students develop a range of prototypes to test and learn key insights for the development of their initiative. Students deep dive in a product design approach focusing on developing prototypes for testing products’ assumptions. They then take a system approach focusing on developing prototypes for testing interventions in the system underlying the problem space of their initiative. Students reflect on the two approaches and are invited to explore opportunities to apply these approaches in the context of their own professional context.

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