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42826 Introduction to Complex Systems Modelling

Anti-requisite(s): 42082 Introduction to Complex Systems AND 42085 Modelling for Complex Systems


This microcredential introduces learners to the notions of complexity and complex systems, and to the modelling of such systems. Complex systems have characteristics that make their behaviour very difficult, if not impossible, to predict. Certainly, traditional analytic approaches are not adequate in the realm of complex systems.

Modelling and simulation offer a way to explore such systems. Such models provide a window through which we may study the behaviour of complex systems, and of the impacts our interventions into these systems may have. When we think about just how prevalent complex systems are – from naturally occurring ecological systems, climate systems through to social, financial, communications and transport systems, we can begin to appreciate the importance and significance of complex system models and simulations.

This microcredential introduces learners to the essentials of modelling complex systems. There are many approaches that are popularly used for such modelling. This microcredential shows learners how to determine which approach may be more useful in a given situation. Students learn to look at a particular system and, through studying its characteristics, classify it. This is important when we are trying to model the system.

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Autumn session, CIty Campus

Spring session, City Campus

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