University of Technology Sydney

CBK91801 Electives

Selection of below electives is subject to timetable availability and prerequisites.

Completion requirements

Select 12 credit points of options:  12cp
11296  Architectural Experience C 6cp 
11297  Architectural Experience D 6cp 
11329  Architecture Special Project UG (Design Build) 6cp 
11330  Architecture Special Project UG (Design Build) B 6cp 
11322  Architecture Special Project UG (Global) 6cp 
11336  Architecture Special Project UG (Global) B 6cp 
11339  Architecture Special Project UG (Professional Practice) 6cp 
11340  Architecture Special Project UG (Professional Practice) B 6cp 
11323  Architecture Special Project UG (Technology) 6cp 
11341  Architecture Special Project UG (Technology) B 6cp 
16900  Construction for Developing Communities 6cp 
86150  Consumer Environments 6cp 
86160  Corporate Environments 6cp 
86882  Experimental Spatial Representation 6cp 
88623  Global Studio: Interior Architecture C 6cp 
11294  Industry Elective: Cinematic Spaces 6cp 
88801  Introduction to Photography for Design and Architecture 6cp 
11148  Landscape Architecture Global Studio B 6cp 
86023  Light, New Materials and Form 1 6cp 
88525  Light, New Materials and Form 2 6cp 
80083  Photography and Memory 6cp 
80082  Photography and the Object 6cp 
11318  Photography in Architecture 6cp 
16919  Project Strategy and Leadership 6cp 
86031  Special Industry Project 2 6cp 
11378  Special Project (Advanced Computational Design) 6cp 
11363  Special Project (Communications) 6cp 
11368  Special Project (Computational Design) 6cp 
11366  Special Project (History) 6cp 
11365  Special Project (Offshore) 6cp 
11362  Special Project (Technology) 6cp 
11295  Technique: Iconic Houses + The Architectural Model 6cp 
88014  The Photobook 6cp 
Total  12cp