University of Technology Sydney

CBK91801 Electives

Selection of below electives is subject to timetable availability and prerequisites.

Completion requirements

Select 12 credit points of options:  12cp
11322  Architecture Special Project UG (Global) 6cp 
11336  Architecture Special Project UG (Global) B 6cp 
11323  Architecture Special Project UG (Technology) 6cp 
16900  Construction for Developing Communities 6cp 
86882  Experimental Spatial Representation 6cp 
11294  Industry Elective: Cinematic Spaces 6cp 
88801  Introduction to Photography for Design and Architecture 6cp 
88525  Light, New Materials and Form 2 6cp 
80083  Photography and Memory 6cp 
80082  Photography and the Object 6cp 
16919  Project Strategy and Leadership 6cp 
86031  Special Industry Project 2 6cp 
11363  Special Project (Communications) 6cp 
11362  Special Project (Technology) 6cp 
11295  Technique: Iconic Houses + The Architectural Model 6cp 
88014  The Photobook 6cp 
Total  12cp