University of Technology Sydney

CBK91155 Electives (Pharmacology)

Select 6 credit points of options:  6cp
013992  Aboriginal Sydney Now 6cp 
92591  Communicable Disease Prevention and Control 6cp 
95737  Communicable Disease Prevention and Control 6cp 
99211  Cultures of Globalisation 6cp 
92483  Epidemiology and Global Population Health 6cp 
92489  Foundations of Health Information Management 6cp 
92486  Global Human Rights and Health Equity 6cp 
95748  Global Human Rights and Health Equity 6cp 
95749  Global Population Health 6cp 
95751  Global Sexual Health 6cp 
92487  Global, Sexual, Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health 6cp 
92491  Health Analytics 6cp 
92490  Introduction to Digital Health 6cp 
21510  Introduction to Strategy 6cp 
21129  Managing People and Organisations 6cp 
95733  Non-Communicable Disease Prevention and Management 6cp 
92590  Non-communicable Disease Prevention and Management 6cp 
92507  Nutrition and Healthy Eating 6cp 
92484  Strengthening Global Health Systems 6cp 
95750  Strengthening Global Health Systems 6cp 
95752  The Environment, Health and Sustainability 6cp 
21591  Transnational Management 6cp 
Total  6cp