University of Technology Sydney

92487 Global, Sexual, Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health

6cp; Lecture (1hr, recorded, online); On-campus tutorial (2hrs, fortnightly); Online tutorial (2hr, fortnightly)
Requisite(s): ( 96 credit points of completed study in spk(s): C10360 Bachelor of Public Health OR (92574 Introduction to Public Health AND 92566 Introduction to Health Care Systems AND 92571 Principles of Primary Health Care))
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This subject introduces students to key issues in global sexual, reproductive, maternal and child health and extends their skills in applying rights-based approaches to health inequities. Students develop an understanding of the life-cycle approach and investigate determinants of sexual and reproductive health at each life stage. In addition, students consider the particular issues and challenges faced by priority populations in attaining sexual, reproductive, maternal and child health and wellbeing. Addressing sexual and reproductive health and rights remains controversial and yet is crucial for improving health, ensuring wellbeing, attaining universal health coverage and achieving equitable development. Students explore these ongoing contentions and challenges to improving sexual, reproductive, maternal and child health with a view to critiquing existing strategies, promoting social justice and advocating for evidence-based approaches to these complex health issues.

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