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92490 Introduction to Digital Health

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Most industrialised countries have been striving for major health reform in the last two decades, with the introduction of technology into the health environment being considered as a means to deliver safer clinical care, improve the patient journey, achieve better health outcomes, and result in significant savings from efficiency gains. Australia's health sector has commenced on a path towards an electronic networked system across all settings. While the Australian general practice environment has computerised rapidly, the introduction of health information technology into the hospital setting has been slower due to complexity, scale, funding and boundary restrictions. This subject exposes students to the mosaic of digital health uptake within Australia, including strategic planning from a national, state and local level. Current and future deployment options for both general practice and hospital facilities, and the models of care that interact with technology capabilities of digital health are considered. Finally, the digital maturity of the health ecosystem is explored, as well as how digital transformation improves connectivity and flow of patient information.

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