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92486 Global Human Rights and Health Equity

6cp; Lecture (1hr, recorded, online); On-campus tutorial (1.5hrs, fortnightly); Online tutorial (1hr, fortnightly)
Requisite(s): ( 48 credit points of completed study in spk(s): C10360 Bachelor of Public Health OR (92574 Introduction to Public Health AND 92566 Introduction to Health Care Systems AND 92571 Principles of Primary Health Care))
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This subject aims to enhance students' understanding of public health issues through an international human rights lens. The subject examines the history and key concepts of human rights with reference to the impact of social stratification, inequality, discrimination and persecution on the health of specific populations. This subject includes discussion of the international human rights system with a rights-based approach to health and development. Case studies are used to explore examples of social and economic domination in policy and practice and the effect of these on the delivery of health care, services and information and health outcomes. Through these case studies, students analyse practical ways of applying rights-based approaches to improving health equity and engaging and mobilising communities to stimulate positive social change. Students are encouraged to explore and share their own perspectives as well as engage in a diverse and collaborative experience throughout the session and during the weekly classes.

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