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92507 Nutrition and Healthy Eating

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This subject aims to develop students' understanding of the association between nutrition, health, and disease. It examines the role of nutrition in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and preventing diseases, with a particular focus on exploring: (1) nutrition requirements across the various stages of the lifecycle, including early childhood, pregnancy, lactation and the elderly; (2) eating patterns of vulnerable groups at risk of food insecurity; (3) nutrient requirements, deficiency and excess intake on the aetiology of diseases, such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer; (4) methods of dietary assessment, including an appraisal of effectiveness; and (5) current nutrition policies, systems and guidelines aimed at preventing and managing disease in the Australia population.

As students take this subject from a wide range of disciplines, it is flexible to allow students to tailor certain work in order to follow their own area of professional interest. It is assumed that students have a sound knowledge of science and mathematics.

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