University of Technology Sydney

CBK90878 Electives (Clinical Leadership)

Select 12 credit points of options:  12cp
96709  Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health 6cp 
79708  Contemporary Business Law 6cp 
78126  Corporate Governance 6cp 
78229  Disability and the Law 6cp 
79771  Dispute Resolution 6cp 
92790  Evidence for Informing Practice 6cp 
78105  Genetics and the Law 6cp 
96076  Genomics in Healthcare 6cp 
23787  Health Technology Assessment 6cp 
96703  Indigenous Public Health 6cp 
21702  Industrial Relations 6cp 
26703  Introductory Health Economics 6cp 
77734  Law and Medicine 6cp 
77745  Negotiation 6cp 
96710  Professional Placement in Health Services Management and Public Health 6cp 
15312  Project Communication, HR and Stakeholders 6cp 
15310  Project Integration Management 6cp 
15315  Project Management Principles 6cp 
15319  Project Risk, Procurement and Quality Management 6cp 
15316  Project Scope, Time and Cost Management 6cp 
92612  Research in Health 6cp 
96704  Social Perspectives in Public Health 6cp 
78271  Special Topics in Elder Law 6cp 
Total  12cp