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15310 Project Integration Management

6cp; block: 4 days (3 x 12hrs, workshops; 1 x 9hrs, workshop), on campus To comply with health advice from NSW Health, the planned delivery of this subject for Spring 2021 has been adjusted. Activities planned for campus in the first 4 weeks of session are being moved online. Activities for the remainder of the session will be scheduled on campus only if the public health situation permits face-to-face learning in available teaching spaces.
Requisite(s): ((15312c Project Communication, HR and Stakeholders AND 15316c Project Scope, Time and Cost Management AND 15319c Project Risk, Procurement and Quality Management) OR 15315 Project Management Principles )
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This subject focuses on integration management, including initiation, planning, implementation, handover and review throughout the project life cycle. The subject matter is delivered through readings, discussion and problem-based learning, including role play and simulation. Integration of all the processes necessary for delivery is critical to project success. It involves definition of the project, project authorisation, detailed planning, execution and review. Teamwork and stakeholder management are fundamental skills that underpin successful project delivery. The subject requires students to plan, manage, deliver and review a simulated project while working in teams and managing the expectations of multiple stakeholders. The subject emphasises critical thinking and the ability to integrate multiple tasks and manage teams to achieve an agreed outcome.

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