University of Technology Sydney

CBK90011 Electives

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
CBK90228  Electives 18cp 
SMJ10188  AWS Industry sub-major 24cp 
SMJ10165  Applied and Industrial Optimisation sub-major BCS Hons 24cp 
SMJ10158  Chemical Process Engineering sub-major 24cp 
SMJ10131  Computer Science 24cp 
SMJ03433  Environmental Engineering sub-major 24cp 
SMJ10189  Google Industry sub-major 24cp 
SMJ10196  Humanitarian Engineering sub-major 24cp 
SMJ10157  Information Security 24cp 
SMJ10156  Innovation and Entrepreneurship 24cp 
SMJ10167  Mathematical Analysis Extension sub-major BCS Hons 24cp 
SMJ10195  Space Engineering sub-major 24cp 
SMJ10166  Statistical Analysis sub-major BCS Hons 24cp 
SMJ10197  Tunnelling and Underground Engineering 24cp 
SMJ10190  iOS Industry sub-major 24cp 
SMJ03060  Advanced Manufacturing 24cp 
SMJ03053  Advanced Mechanical Analysis 24cp 
SMJ10174  Geotechnical Engineering 24cp 
SMJ09034  International Studies 24cp 
SMJ09035  Language other than English 24cp 
SMJ03049  Mechanical Engineering 24cp 
SMJ03050  Mechatronic Engineering 24cp 
SMJ09036  Specialist Country Studies 24cp 
CBK92069  Transdisciplinary Electives 6cp 
SMJ10175  Transport Engineering 24cp 
SMJ10176  Water Resources Engineering 24cp 
Total  24cp