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SMJ02066 Computer Graphics and Animation

The subjects in this sub-major provide the theoretical and practical knowledge that is required to understand and build modern 3D computer graphics applications and games. This knowledge is applied to building a ray tracer, producing a 3D computer animation, designing and developing simple computer games, and optionally carrying out a computer graphics project. Students must be competent in programming with C++ or otherwise have completed 31251 Data Structures and Algorithms.

Completion requirements

31264  Introduction to Computer Graphics  6cp
Select 18 credit points of options:  18cp
31241  3D Computer Animation 6cp 
31249  Computer Graphics Rendering Techniques 6cp 
31248  Games and Graphics Project 6cp 
31080  Interactive Media 6cp 
31262  Introduction to Computer Game Design 6cp 
31263  Introduction to Computer Game Development 6cp 
Total  24cp