University of Technology Sydney

41801 Technical Direction for 3D Animation and Graphics Projects

6cp; Standard face-to-face, 3 hours per week
Requisite(s): 31264 Introduction to Computer Graphics


In this subject, students explore the application of the knowledge and skills required to effectively perform as a Technical Director for computer graphics projects such as, but not limited to: 3D animated feature film, digital animation, visualisation, visual effects (VFX) and games production. Technical Directors are responsible for creating tools and maintaining the software and production pipeline of shots for computer graphics productions such as animated and VFX focused feature films. The subject requires students to have strong coding skills and pre-existing Python knowledge. The subject prepares graduates to enter the creative industries (such as animation and VFX studios) in junior technical directing roles, managing the technical aspects of digital production for a range of computer graphics projects. For example, when stakeholders in a feature animation or VFX production ask for a technical feature to be added to their toolset, the Technical Director will need to work collaboratively to identify the requirements, then devise, implement and refine an efficient solution based on user feedback and testing. During the workshop components of the subject, students develop several tools that solve departmental needs in 3D animation/VFX production. For their major assessment, students work as part of a team to set-up, configure and operate a section of a production pipeline.

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