University of Technology Sydney

STM91834 Core subjects (Sport and Exercise Management)

92511  Structural Anatomy  6cp
92512  Biomechanics of Human Motion  6cp
92515  Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking  6cp
21655  Sport and Society  6cp
92521  Functional Anatomy  6cp
92523  Strength and Conditioning  6cp
92526  Data Management in Sport and Exercise  6cp
21658  Australian Sport System  6cp
92530  Sport and Exercise Psychology  6cp
92533  Exercise Physiology  6cp
92536  Research Methods for Sport and Exercise  6cp
21212  People and Organisations  6cp
92543  Exercise Prescription  6cp
92547  Nutrition for Health and Physical Activity  6cp
22108  Accounting and Accountability  6cp
24109  Marketing and Customer Value  6cp
92551  Sport and Exercise Internship  6cp
21646  Managing Professional Sport  6cp
21640  Event Management  6cp
21656  Sport Marketing and Media  6cp
21665  Managing Legal Issues  6cp
Total  126cp