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92521 Functional Anatomy

6cp; 1hpw (online modules and interactive activities), 1hpw (pre-learning activities), 2hpw (laboratory), 5hpw (independent study)
Requisite(s): 92511 Structural Anatomy AND ( 24 credit points of completed study in spk(s): STM91460 96cp Public Health Core OR 24 credit points of completed study in spk(s): STM91103 Core subjects (Health Science) )
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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In this subject, students extend their foundational knowledge of structural anatomy and apply neuromechanical concepts to the analysis of human motion. These concepts are also used to improve understanding of muscle coordination and function, postural control and stability and factors that contribute to musculoskeletal injury. Practical components involve developing foundational skills that are further developed in a range of biomechanics, motor control and exercise prescription subjects.

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Spring session, Moore Park precinct

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