University of Technology Sydney

STM91480 Data Science Core Subjects

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
36120  Advanced Machine Learning Application 8cp 
36119  Advanced Topics in Data Science 4cp 
36118  Applied Natural Language Processing 8cp 
36121  Artificial Intelligence Principles and Applications 8cp 
94693  Big Data Engineering 8cp 
94697  Data Science Internship A 6cp 
94698  Data Science Internship B 6cp 
94699  Data Science Internship C 8cp 
94692  Data Science Practice 8cp 
36100  Data Science for Innovation 8cp 
36104  Data Visualisation and Narratives 8cp 
36109  Data and Decision Making 8cp 
94691  Deep Learning 8cp 
36101  Leading Data Science Initiatives 8cp 
36106  Machine Learning Algorithms and Applications 8cp 
36122  Python Programming 8cp 
36123  Research Paper 8cp 
36103  Statistical Thinking for Data Science 8cp 
36102  iLab: Research Project 12cp 
Total  24cp