University of Technology Sydney

94693 Big Data Engineering

Requisite(s): 36106 Machine Learning Algorithms and Applications


The data scientist of the modern era can no longer be equipped with the skills to undertake Data Science work on only local devices. The true power of a data scientist comes through the application of his skill sets at scale on Big Data. That is, data which typically is of such a Volume, Variety and Velocity that traditional data analytics processes will not work. With the rise of innovations such as the Big Data distributed systems, along with concepts around the extended Hadoop ecosystem, stream processing, and computation at scale, it is now possible for the modern data scientist to convert Big Data into value at scale. A data scientist’s capability to convert data into value is largely correlated with the stage of his company’s data infrastructure, this means that a data scientist who knows about Big Data Engineering is able to prove and apply his Data Science skills while being aligned with the stage and need of the company.

This elective provides MDSI students with a strong edge over other data scientists who have no exposure to big data engineering and will be best positioned to meet this increasing demand of modern data scientists with Big Data Engineering skills.

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