University of Technology Sydney

SMJ10112 Cyber Security

The Cyber Security sub major equips students with cyber security principles, methodologies and technologies from a technical and management perspective. Students undertaking this program will work through a systematic way of learning, acquiring knowledge vastly required in the field of cybersecurity. Such knowledge will prepare them to handle various challenges in current and future business practices. These skills are essential for professional profiles as diverse as IT system administrators, system developers, and IT managers and prepare students to select a project based subject, where students learn the practical skills necessary to evaluate and develop secure solutions as well as a fundamental understanding of security, privacy and trust.

Completion requirements

32548  Cybersecurity  6cp
32547  UNIX Systems Programming  6cp
32524  LANS and Routing  6cp
Select 6 credit points of options:  6cp
42904  Cloud Computing and Software as a Service 6cp 
42035  Cloud Security 6cp 
49202  Communication Protocols 6cp 
42000  Cryptography 6cp 
42036  Cyber Security for Mobile Platforms 6cp 
32309  Digital Forensics 6cp 
42891  Infrastructure for Cloud Computing 6cp 
42037  IoT Security 6cp 
32310  Network Security Appliances 6cp 
Total  24cp