University of Technology Sydney

MAJ01080 Applied Physics

33190  Mathematical Modelling for Science  6cp
65111  Chemistry 1  6cp
33290  Statistics and Mathematics for Science  6cp
65212  Chemistry 2  6cp
68101  Foundations of Physics  6cp
33360  Mathematics for Physical Science  6cp
68201  Physics in Action  6cp
68070  Introduction to Materials  6cp
68075  Nanomaterials  6cp
68412  Energy Science and Technology  6cp
68315  Imaging Science  6cp
68413  Quantum Physics  6cp
Select one of the following:  6cp
      68316  Applied Electronics and Interfacing 6cp 
      68416  Computational Physics 6cp 
68606  Solid-state Science and Nanodevices  6cp
Select 12 credit points of options:  12cp
68414  Advanced Mechanics 6cp 
68415  Measurement and Analysis of Physical Processes 6cp 
68513  Nanophotonics 6cp 
68320  Scanning Probe and Electron Microscopy 6cp 
Total  96cp