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68413 Quantum Physics

6cp; 4hpw
Requisite(s): (68201 Physics 2 OR 68037 Physical Modelling) AND (33230c Mathematics 2 OR 68038 Advanced Mathematics and Physics OR 33290 Statistics and Mathematics for Science)
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Recommended studies: some knowledge of complex numbers, matrices and differential equations


This subject builds on introductory material on waves and classical mechanics. The subject examines how the behaviour of our world at an atomic level differs from our everyday experience of the macroscopic world. It introduces concepts and quantum mechanical tools needed to describe the structure and interactions of atoms, molecules and solids. The unique properties of matter at this scale can be exploited in the creation of new materials and devices in nanotechnology. This subject explores emerging technologies such as quantum computing, scanning tunelling microscopy, and spectroscopic tools used to characterise and investigate the atomic world. It provides material which is fundamental to understanding many areas of physics and chemistry together with contemporary applications which are relevant to nanotechnologists.

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Spring session, City campus

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