University of Technology Sydney

CBK92296 Electives (Medical Biotechnology PG)

Select 12 credit points of options:  12cp
59721  Academic English: Communication Fundamentals 8cp 
22747  Accounting for Managerial Decisions 6cp 
49049  Air and Noise Pollution 6cp 
66063  Analytical Separation Science 8cp 
66064  Analytical Spectroscopy 8cp 
60126  Biotechnology Research Internship Project A 6cp 
60127  Biotechnology Research Internship Project B 6cp 
60128  Biotechnology Research Internship Project C 12cp 
66066  Chemical Pathology 6cp 
69510  Diagnostic Cytogenetics 2cp 
25742  Financial Management 6cp 
69509  Genomics and Precision Medicine 2cp 
21928  Managing Staff and Volunteers 6cp 
24734  Marketing Management 6cp 
92606  Nursing Leadership in Contemporary Health Care 6cp 
Total  12cp